Lower your Blood Pressure Without Drugs - and Keep It Low -  Following the Step by Step Formula

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally GuideLower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

The Complete 9 Step Guide

The road-map to lower blood pressure in 9 easy-to-follow steps.

Get the essential information and action plans you need to get your blood pressure back to where you want it - without using drugs.

Why do so many people want to lower their blood pressure without drugs?

It's not just the expense that puts people off taking a daily regime of blood pressure drugs - it's the fact that although these drugs may control high blood pressure, they don't cure you. They just regulate your body's blood pressure.

That's not a cure - just a temporary fix while you continue to take your daily dose. Stop taking them and your blood pressure goes right back up.

Then there's a well-documented list of negative side effects of blood pressure drugs. Not a pretty picture.

Add to that the lack of statistical proof that taking these drugs daily actually helps you live longer and you can see why people are increasingly looking for natural alternatives.

"The most important thing I want to tell you about high blood pressure is that it can almost always be lowered with lifestyle changes... But the conventional medical wisdom is that patients won't make lifestyle changes, and so the automatic response to high blood pressure is to prescribe a drug that will reduce it. I believe—and there is plenty of research to support me — that these drugs have just as good a chance of killing you as the high blood pressure does, especially if you don't really need them."

- John R. Lee, M.D. Virginia Hopkins Health Watch

Thankfully, an increasing number of GPs are now encouraging natural approaches to blood pressure control.

Hence more and more people are now controlling their blood pressure with these natural methods.

But before you embark on the natural remedy path to healthy blood pressure you might want to know what to avoid. I call them:

"Natural Blood Pressure Remedy"  Traps

The fact is that many natural blood pressure-lowering programs sold on the Internet and in bookstores simply don't measure up to what is promised.

Here's how to detect the underperformers. They come in a few different categories:

The "Single Cure"
  • Many natural blood pressure cures focus on only a single cause of high blood pressure such as stress or diet.

    But the fact is that people develop high blood pressure from a range of factors and causes, including eating the wrong things and/or not eating enough of the right things, inactivity, being a stress monster, family history and so on.
  • A blood pressure guide that works for everyone must cover all the causes and natural remedies - not just a single approach that will only work for some people.  (If a single cure approach works for you - consider yourself lucky.)
The "Instant  Miracle"
  • We all want to believe that there is a quick and easy fix to our blood pressure woes - and these kind of cures prey on that wish. The fact is that lowering your blood pressure naturally is simple, painless, and you can start to see the results within days - if you do it right.   -- But it's not a miracle and it's not instant! --
  • Remember the old saying - "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".
Out-of-Date Information
  • Many current blood pressure guides promote out-of-date advice. Following outdated advice could actually be bad for your blood pressure and overall health.
    • It is essential that any blood pressure cure you follow is based on the latest research, NOT on out-of-date information.
Information Overload
  • Compilations of every supplement, food product, physical and mental technique that has been shown to be beneficial to lowering blood pressure is not a guide. You're left struggling under a ton of information with no clear direction on what to do with it. It's called information overload. It can lead to virtual paralysis.
  • For a blood pressure cure to be effective the methods and milestones must be clearly laid out in easy-to-follow steps.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally is the ONLY program that does not

- try to trick you with false promises
- peddle out-of-date diets
- or stun you with information overload and no direction forward

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally GuideLower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

The Complete 9 Step Guide

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - The Complete 9 Step Guide to Eliminating Hypertension Without Drugs (152 pages)
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally Appendices - All the details (112 pages)
  • Quick Start Guide - To get you started right away (9 pages)

Some things you will discover in the 9 Step Guide:

  • Why the ideal blood pressure of 120/80 is losing favor with the Medical Establishment and what is replacing it

  • Why you need your own BP monitor - and how to get accurate (stress-free) readings
  • How age and genetics affect blood pressure - and what you can do about it
  • How much water we should REALLY be drinking each day
  • Why a lot of diets are outdated - the new findings about diet, losing weight, and lowering blood pressure

  • The amazing effect of green tea on your BP and overall health

  • The one herbal remedy often overlooked that can lower your blood pressure like no other

  • FAT? Which fats to avoid like the plague, which fats to eat with moderation, which fats to eat more of - unraveling the confusion

  • Coffee and alcohol is okay?  How to drink the right amounts and types

  • The secret of simplicity - how some basic foods can be shockingly good for you

  • The Celtic broken-heart tonic that turns out to be a blood pressure lowering elixir

  • Why putting on sunscreen may not always be a good idea

  • and more ...

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

  • Provides you with up-to-date good advice that works

  • Lays out a clear and easy path to lower your blood pressure and enjoy a happier and healthier life
  • Treats you as a whole person with a full life - not like a machine to be fixed
  • Provides you with a wide range of choices so you can pick what suits you best

What this guide WILL NOT DO:

  • Dump tons of information and statistics on you leaving you bewildered about what to do

  • Peddle out-of-date advice and mislead you with unverified claims

  • Railroad you into a life of denial and unpleasant choices

  • Leave you bewildered with contradictory and unclear directions

How Long Does It Take to Achieve Healthy Blood Pressure the Natural Way?

Some techniques can lower your blood pressure very quickly - such as the slow breathing exercises highlighted below. But to achieve permanent healthy blood pressure takes consistency.

The Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - 9 step Guide can be be done in a few weeks or over the course of a year -  but  one step a week over the course of nine weeks is recommended for best results.

If you follow the steps faithfully you should notice a steady and consistent decline in your blood pressure.

Some steps may result in more dramatic drops in blood pressure than others, depending on your individual circumstances. But by the end of the course your blood pressure should be in a healthy range.

Remember, the effects of the steps are built up over time.

The time it takes to get your blood pressure back to a healthy range is largely up to you - but most people should be able achieve this over the course of a few months.

Pre-hypertension?  Nip it in the bud!

If you currently have pre-hypertension ( 130-140/ 90-100) this guide will enable you to get those numbers back down and avoid the need to ever start taking blood pressure drugs in the first place.

The longer you wait the harder it will be and the more work it will take to get your body back in balance.

To help you get the max out of this program we're including the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: Breathe Slow Audio Tracks


Breathing, stress levels, state of mind and blood pressure are all interconnected.

Clinical trials have proved that practicing slow breathing exercises for just 15 minutes a day can lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure.

Other benefits of practicing slow breathing exercises include:

1. reduced stress levels and increased overall sense of well-being

2. deeper more satisfying sleep at night

3. a quick-fix for anxiety attacks and stress-outs

Research has shown that over time (4 to 6 weeks) these exercises, practiced daily, can help keep your blood pressure down in addition to giving you a greater sense of well-being and a more relaxed state of mind.

Breathe Slow audio program contains:
  • 15 minute tracks with breathing prompts of starting at 10 breaths per minute and going all the way down to 4 breaths per minute
  • tracks with different backgrounds of ambient music designed to help calm the nerves and reap the benefits (listening to music has also been shown to help lower blood pressure)
  • tracks with breathing prompts only for those who may wish to play their own music or who prefer silence
  • a total of 20 separate ambient / relaxing music tracks for deep relaxation and meditation
  • all tracks in mp3 format for fast download - can be played on computers, laptops, and ipods

Value $17 - yours free

Bonus #2: Preach-Free Guide to Smoking and Quitting

quit smoking book cover

The Guide doesn't make you feel bad for being a smoker. Why not?

Guilt hardly ever works - it just makes you want to smoke more. Most smokers simply cannot be shamed into quitting.

Read this e-book if you want to give smoking the boot. You will enjoy it whatever the outcome.

Get this guide even if you don't smoke - but want to help a friend that does. It could be the best gift they recieve in a long time!

You know the old saying, inside every fat person is a thin person trying to get out?

Well, there are those who would have you believe that
inside every smoker is a non-smoker trying to get out.

Ha! You and I know
that inside most smokers is a smoker trying to stay right there and have one more smoke in peace.

- Preach-Free Guide to Smoking and Quitting

Value $9.95 - yours free

What an early reader of Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally had to say:

"Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally boils down what you need to do now into the easiest-reading compendium that I have ever seen; this is a true underground guide for doing it yourself.

Thanks to their research, I use at least two cool protocols that affect my BP every day (namely, the Oatmeal Remedy and the Flax Seed Secret).

Mind you, I’ve been controlling BP naturally for more than two years, but I do it better since I got their guide."

Tony Brezovski

60 Page, 60 Day Risk-free Guarantee

One final note. This complete e-book guide comes with a "60 page, 60 day" guarantee. Read the first 60 pages of the guide. If you don't feel that using what you've just read will help you lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health to a degree that is worth a lot more than your investment, let me know and I'll refund that investment immediately.

Or, if you want more proof, use the guide and see it in action. If at any time in the first 60 days you don't feel this is one of the best investments you have made in your health this year, the same option applies. Let me know and you'll get a full refund, no questions and no hassles.

Based on the feedback from folks who've already used it, I think you're in for a whole lot of very pleasant discoveries.  

You can download Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally, and the bonuses, right now in electronic e-book format (no printed copy will be mailed to you).

This means:
    - you can download it all and start reading right away
    - no waiting for it to be delivered
    - zero shipping costs
    - you can save the files onto any computer or laptop or other portable devices
    - you can print out any parts of it (or all of it) as you wish

With an instant download of Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally guide you can start lowering your blood pressure TODAY.
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I want to live free from BP drugs and the effects of high blood pressure on my health. I understand that I will get:
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - The Complete 9 Step Guide to Eliminating Hypertension Without Drugs (e-book, 152 pages)
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - Appendices - All the details (e-book, 112 pages)
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - Quick Start Easy Reference Summary  (e-book, 9 pages)
  • Breathe Slow 20 audio tracks (mp3s)
  • Preach-free Guide to Smoking ... and Quitting (e-book)
Get it all for only $27.00 USD (approx. £17 / €24)                                                     

If you prefer to get Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally as a physical book delivered to your door - click here (extra printing and shipping costs apply)

P.S. Remember, you can try the Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally e-book out for a full 60 days risk-free. If you're not delighted with the results you can get a 100% refund - and keep the whole guide and bonuses as a complement! (This guarantee only applies to the e-book version, not the physical print copy.)

P.P.S.  If you're still undecided - grab a free sample of the guide first. To download click here

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