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9 step guide cover

The Complete 9 Step Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally (e-book)

  • Quick-Start Summary (9 pages)

  • Complete 9 Step Guide (152 pages)

  • In-depth appendices (112 pages)

  • Guarantee: try it out for 60 days - if you're not totally satisfied - 100% refund of your money without delay
  • Instant download - start today

Value $27

Breath Slow audio tracks

Bonus 1:

Blood Pressure-Lowering Breathing Exercises

  • Start lowering your stress levels and blood pressure today through slow breathing exercises
  • A total of twenty 15 minute slow breathing exercise tracks to chose from.

  • Ranges from 10 to 4 breaths per minute

  • A mixture of tracks with breath prompts only and with ambient music for deep relaxation
  • All tracks in mp3 format - can be played on computers, laptops, and ipods
  • Complete with instructions for use
  • Instant download - start using and lowering your stress levels and blood pressure today

Value $17 - Yours Free

quit smoking

Bonus 2:

Preach-Free Guide to Smoking and Quitting (e-book)

  • 82 page ebook written by a former smoker who knows the dark recesses of the smoker's mind :D

  • Packed with cartoons and jokes all (only?) smokers will 'get'

  • The gritty details on how to create and execute your own successful stop smoking stategy
  • Instant download - share with your friends who smoke for both humour and help saying goodbye to this costly habit

Value $9.95 - Yours Free

for a kick-start price of: $27 19 USD

This offer only applies to the instant download electronic (e-book) version of the guide.

It also comes with the 60 day / 60 page 100% money-back guarantee.

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(The Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally sample comes as a zip file.
Save it to your computer then click on it to 'unzip it' and open the pdf file)

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