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Complimentary Vitamin D and free shipping with the Alistrol coupon code

alistrol couponIf you have been looking for the Alistrol coupon code you’ve come to the right place.

The Alistrol coupon code is: FREESHIPD3

Use this Alistrol discount code to get:

  • free shipping (regular shipping cost $16.95)
  • a complimentary free bottle of CLE Vitamin D3 5000 I.U. (valued at $19.95)

Copy or write the coupon code down and then go to to place your order.

You can enter the coupon code in the checkout page after you place an order for Alistrol.

For those searching for Alistrol UK suppliers, you can now order this product direct from the manufacturers in Canada with zero shipping cost. That would make it cheaper than buying Alistrol from Holland and Barrett (even if they did supply it, which they don’t).


Alistrol – an all natural blood pressure supplement

As detailed in our Alistrol review, this natural blood pressure supplement is receiving rave reviews from users. There are no noted Alistrol side effects and user experience reflects the fact that it is very effective in lowering blood pressure with regular use over time.

The 4 principal ingredients in Alistrol are:

  • hawthorn
  • garlic
  • holly leaf
  • daikon seed

Each of these has a good track record in helping the circulatory system. Combined, these 4 natural ingredients create a powerful heart tonic that reduces blood pressure and strengthens the heart over time. Positive effects have been noticed within 2 weeks of taking Alistrol tablets daily.


The value of vitamin D

It’s actually very useful to get a free bottle of Vitamin D supplements with your Alistrol order. Having good levels of vitamin D is crucial for healthy blood pressure. Vitamin D is involved in regulating blood pressure, and general health, in several ways. However, it’s difficult to get enough vitamin D from food (unless you’re an Inuit and eat lots of polar bears and seals). It’s also surprisingly difficult to get enough vitamin D from the sun. Most of us don’t get enough sunshine on our skin at the right time of day to make enough vitamin D ourselves naturally. You can read more about this in our article here: Vitamin D, high blood pressure and sunshine

Taking a good quality vitamin D supplement daily is therefore an important part of keeping yourself healthy and getting your blood pressure down.


CLE Holistic Health supplements – quality products

The makers of Alistrol, CLE Holistic Health, have developed a reputation for being providers of high quality and effective products. In addition to Alistrol, their range of products includes mineral drops (Mother Nature’s Perfect Multi-Vitamin), a Type 2 diabetes natural supplement (Naavudi), a depression natural supplement (Mood Effex) and vitamin D.

You can see them all here: CLE Holistic Health (all products)

All supplements are made from natural sources free of pesticides. They’re all GMO, and vegan friendly.

Their leading product remains Alistrol natural blood pressure supplements. First manufactured and distributed over 8 years ago, Alistrol enjoys a growing reputation in quality and effectiveness.

Using the Alistrol coupon code noted above, you can now access Alistrol at no extra shipping cost wherever you live: order Alistrol here

Good news for those of us who want to lower our blood pressure naturally 🙂



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