Alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure – faith and skeptism

I’m on two ‘alternative approaches’ to lowering my very high pressure.

One is largely diet-based gleaned from this book, “Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally, Safely & Without Drugs.” (I’ll put a link up in the side bar when I figure out how to.)

The other one is a bit more strange. Three exercises of both mental and physical nature. Nothing too hard. The first one is a kind of rhythmic walking for 10 minutes. The second is an emotional release/breathing exercise (25 minutes). And the third one is a deep relaxation exercise best performed in bed before one drifts off to sleep (also 25 minutes in duration).

These exercises are on audio and in a written transcript and are advertised and sold on the net by a Christian Goodman who has an address in Iceland.

But who is Christian Goodman and do his exercises really work? Time will tell. He’s not cheap. $49 if I remember correctly. When I first came across his site, product, and claims I thought ‘what a con!’.

But I signed up to his list and got the occasional alert to his blog entries. Seemed to be talking sense.

After one month of taking my daily prescribed medicine my blood pressure hadn’t drop one single point (192/120). I revisited Christian’s site and read it again and pondered. He gives a 2 month guarantee with his exercises. Either it works and your blood pressure is lowered. Or he’ll return every penny of the cost – no questions asked.

So I asked myself – what have I got to lose? If it works then living a longer and healthier life is definitely worth 50 bucks. If it doesn’t work – it want cost me anything but time trying it out.

So I got it about three weeks ago. I’ve been pretty faithful and doing the exercises every day. Has it worked? Maybe. My pressure is lower (150 -165 range) but that could be to change in diet as well.

So the verdict is out for the moment. If my blood pressure drops below, say 140 before the trial 8 weeks is up I’ll let him keep my money. If not I’ll ask for it back.

I think they are good exercises. I don’t think he’s a con. But that doesn’t mean the exercises will for everyone every time.

I’ll put a link to his website on the bar to the right also.

As an end note, I want to mention another site I came across that uses special audio tapes you breath along with to slow your breathe and lower your blood pressure. They have samples and I tried them out. Seems to work. My blood pressure dropped to 130 / 90 for the first time in probably many. many years. I’m not convinced the lower blood pressure will last more than a hour or so. (You see I’m a very skeptical person.) But it’s definitely worth a check out. I’ll try to paste a link to them also.

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