Coffee and High Blood Pressure

The relationship between coffee and high blood pressure is not clear-cut. While caffeine raises blood pressure this doesn’t mean you have to give up coffee. It does mean you might have to cut down on coffee a little, if you tend to drink a lot of it. On the other hand, coffee may have some benefits for blood pressure too.

What to Drink to Lower Blood Pressure

Guidance on lowering blood pressure often tends to focus on the foods that you can eat which lower blood pressure. Or the foods which you should avoid if you want to lower your blood pressure. But what about drinks? What you drink can have a significant effect on your blood pressure. So what to drink to lower blood pressure?

Can I Lower My Blood Pressure With Beetroot Juice?

Beetroot juice for high blood pressure? Beetroot juice. Not the first thing you think of when pondering how to quench your thirst. Probably also not the first thing you think of when wondering how to lower your blood pressure. Yet medical studies are showing that drinking beet juice for lower blood pressure could be a very good idea.   Beet

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