Superfoods to reduce high blood pressure

There are several superfoods to reduce high blood pressure. The ones which get a lot of media attention tend to be expensive, exotic foods. However, thankfully there are plenty of very ordinary foods which are similarly beneficial. Phew!

Foods Which Lower High Blood Pressure

Are there really foods which lower high blood pressure? you might be asking yourself. Or you might be thinking, sure there are foods which lower high blood pressure but they’re all fancy expensive things like acai berries or goji berries or weird things you can only get in a health food shop – aren’t they? Thankfully, no. There are many everyday, ordinary, tasty foods which lower high blood pressure and which aren’t expensive or difficult to get hold of. Phew!

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Guidelines

For decades, government health authorities have been telling us to eat less cholesterol. The reason for this is that higher levels of certain kinds of cholesterol in the body are associated with higher risk of heart disease and cardiovascular problems, like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). These kinds of conditions are also linked with high blood pressure, hence the frequent

Can I Lower My Blood Pressure With Beetroot Juice?

Beetroot juice for high blood pressure? Beetroot juice. Not the first thing you think of when pondering how to quench your thirst. Probably also not the first thing you think of when wondering how to lower your blood pressure. Yet medical studies are showing that drinking beet juice for lower blood pressure could be a very good idea.   Beet

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