Whitecoat syndrom strikes again

White-coat syndrome  is a term used describe the fact that some people have elevated blood pressure reading when they visit the doctor and get tested. Seems like I have it. I went into the local surgery today as scheduled to give a blood sample for testing and my blood pressure checked. It read 191 / 114 /112  (systolic / dystolic

Off the hypertension drugs

My girlfriend is suffering from blood pressure that is too low – 90 over 70 or thereabouts. We joked that if we combined our blood pressures and shared them between us we’d be about right. But when it comes right down to it, blood pressure being too high or too low is no joking matter. So I got a monitor

I’m back!

I’ve been posting about high blood pressure and various remedies I’m trying everyday for a number of days now but only in my head! Why? Server problems. I couldn’t get the blog up again for days. I was under pressure! All sorted now. I hope. Which is good, because i have so much to tell you. About my progress and

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