Diet and high blood pressure

Diet and high blood pressure – how good is internet advice?

diet and high blood pressure

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On the topic of diet and high blood pressure, let’s take a look at of some of the common advice you will see around the Internet.

While much of it is sound advice, some of it has limited usefulness. And some is now outdated and considered wrong, based on more recent research. So it’s good to be a little discerning with whose advice you follow. (I am aware of the irony of what I have just said…)

The never-ending list…

For example, many health websites give advice in the form of long lists of foods which you should and shouldn’t have. This might be helpful if you’re just looking to change a few things. But it’s a bit bewildering if you’re really starting from scratch and trying to figure out how to change your eating patterns more fundamentally. At least that’s what I find.

The expensive ‘superfoods’

Other articles focus on so-called exotic ‘superfoods’ which will magically transform your health if only you eat enough of them. Again, this is fine if you have a well-stocked health food shop nearby. And a large wallet to buy specialist foods. But it’s not so helpful for the rest of us.

berry berry good for your blood pressureThere are of course ‘superfoods’ (various berries, for example) which aren’t exotic and can be found at any grocery store. Or even picked wild near your house.

I’m lucky to have huge bramble (blackberry) patches behind my house in south Wales. A few good blueberry bushes are further up the hill, as are several hawthorn trees (you can eat the flowers and make tincture from the berries).

As such, I’m able to eat well for my blood pressure in a simple way. Other local foods are also beneficial for blood pressure, such as oatmeal, laverbread (locally harvested dark green/black seaweed in South Wales), mackerel…

Okay, I digress. The point is that there are plenty of ordinary foods which have particular properties which mean eating them can help lower your blood pressure. You don’t have to buy expensive specialty foods or exotic foreign foods. Unless you want to, of course. (Personally, I’m finding it increasingly untenable to eat food shipped and trucked from halfway round the world anyway.)

eat, drink and be merry while still lowering your blood pressure

Outdated advice

With regards to ‘Foods to Avoid’, recent research has shown that a lot of foods previously though to be ‘bad’ can actually be good for you in moderation. For example, dairy products and red meats, as long as they’re unprocessed. (The bad news is that bacon is still considered to be quite bad for blood pressure if you eat it regularly.)

It turns out that saturated fat, found in dairy and red meat, is not necessarily bad for you. You can read more about that here: Saturated fat and high blood pressure

Other diet advice has changed too. Nuts were also once touted as being too fatty and therefore bad for you. As were avocados (all that fat!). However, medical researchers have found that the fats in many nuts and avocados (omega 3 fatty acids) are actually extremely healthy. They’re now saying that we need to be getting more of them not less!

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