High Blood Pressure Control – What’s the best way?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a growing concern in among people in Western industrialized countries. The instance of hypertension has been steadily on the increase for years. Given that it is associated with heart attack, stroke and premature death it’s easy to understand why people are seeking high blood pressure control.

Controlling blood pressure with medications

The common medical practice is to prescribe anti-hypertension medication for high blood pressure. Although medications can be successful in high blood pressure control it also has its drawbacks. Many of these medications have side effects such as headaches, dizziness, coughing, impotence, kidney damage, and depression.

Another drawback is that even those these medications can control high blood pressure they don’t actually cure it. If you stop taking the medications you are at risk of your pressure going straight back up to former levels. This means that if you want achieve healthy BP levels by medication alone you are condemned to taking them for the rest of your life.

Alternative High Blood Pressure Cures

Thankfully there are a number ways to achieve high blood pressure control without the use of medications. These alternative methods may require you to adopt a more healthy lifestyle – but they don’t cost a lot of money, anyone can do them, and you feel much better for it in the long run.

Below are a list of seven alternative methods to reduce BP and avoid the pharmaceutical merry-go-round.

1. Losing some weight can help bring your BP down. Too much weight causes a strain on your heart which raises your blood pressure. Lose a few pounds, and you will drop a few blood pressure points.

2. Take Vitamin C supplements everyday. Several studies have shown a drop in BP when vitamin C intake is boosted – although it’s not completely understood why vitamin C has this effect on lowering blood pressure. Use a high quality Vitamin C supplement is safe to take and has other benefits than just a reduction in BP.

3. Get Your Sodium/Potassium Ratio balanced. When potassium and sodium (salt) are in harmony, blood pressure levels are OK. A healthy ratio of potassium to sodium is quoted as 5 parts potassium to 1 part sodium. Many of us in the Western world have a potassium to sodium ratio of 1 to 2 – which is the opposite of what it should be. Using too much table salt and eating too much processed foods is at the root of the problem. We need to add more fruits and vegatables to our diet to increase our potassium levels. Use natural sea salt in moderation and try to eat less (or none) of processed foods that have high sodium (salt) levels. In short, more potassium and less salt equals lower blood pressure.

4. Get sufficient doses of Vitamin D which helps regulate blood pressure. The good news is that Vitamin D is absorbed by the skin when exposed to sunshine. So get out there and catch some rays. Mind you, many of us who live up north don’t get enough sunshine / Vitamin D, especially in winter. In place we can take vitamin D3 which is the form of vitamin D that is easiest to absorb.

5. Physical exercise can do wonders for your sense of well-being as well as a powerful method for high blood pressure control. If your not used to doing any exercise start with a walk around the block at least once a day. In time maybe you could move it up to long walks or even jogging. Anything that gets your heart beating and your blood circulating is good for your overall health and will result in a reduction of blood pressure.

6. Too much stress in your life can cause hypertension. Stress releases cortisol which can cause weight gain, immune suppression, and high blood pressure. Consider stress reducing activities as an effective method of high blood pressure control. There are a number of ways to help you reduce stress such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and slow breathing exercises. Laughter is also know as a stress busting activity so go see a comedy now and then. High blood pressure? Just laugh it off.

High Blood pressure Control – It’s your choice

The important thing to remember is that when it comes to high blood pressure control you have choices. You can take prescription medications accepting the potential negative side effects or you can introduce alternative methods outlined above to get your blood pressure back to normal levels.

If you are currently taking anti-hypertension medications you may want to consider introducing alternative methods to reduce blood pressure and slowly reducing or even eliminating your medications – in consultation with your doctor, of course.

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