High Blood Pressure – Fear and facts

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Hypertension Dangers

… Now according to an article I recently read on the Internet what I have written above is a load Rubbish as our BP changes constantly (I accept that) and that consistent High Blood Pressure can be a sign of a problem (I accept that), But he then says that lowering Blood Pressure with medication does not do any good and if the Doctor can’t find a reason for the High BP then that is what is normal for the individual.

Well how about that, I should tell you that it was written by a Pharmacist who hates drug companies. But I do agree with one point that he does kind of make and that is that Doctors do tend to dish out drugs very readily, which is a bit suspicious when there is such a high profit in them.

If your BP is higher than normal then that is not normal and for anyone to suggest that this is normal for the individual is crazy. So if you come across the same article then don’t take it in, instead consult a Doctor.

Don’t let High Blood Pressure go untreated, because long term you could have kidney failure or have a stroke or heart attack. Talk to your Doctor about your options.

Simon Foster

Simon Foster

Fact: Blood Pressure medications don’t cure high blood pressure. If they did, after you took them you’d be OK.

Unfortunately, hypertension medications only treat the symptoms and not the cause – so you have to take them till you die – which according to statistics will be sooner than if you never took any in the first place!

Thankfully there are pleasant, natural and permanent ways to reduce your blood pressure and risk of stroke and heart attack.

I speak from direct experience – not just theory and studies.

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