High Blood Pressure Remedies – Free Downloads

They say that you get what you pay for and that’s often the case when it comes to alternative high blood pressure remedies.

But occasionally a free report crops up that can be worth it’s weight in gold (speaking figuratively of course because these digital e-books don’t actually weigh anything ;-).

Here’s a short list of free downloads that will be of interest to people looking for high blood pressure remedies. I include download links so you can check out any one that may interest you. Simply click on the link and download it to a folder on your computer. You will then have to double click on the zip folder to extract it.

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First is the 12 medical breakthroughs from the Barton Health Group. A short report looking at some of the most recent and exciting discoveries in the alternative medical field. Definitely worth a look through. Click the link below:

12 Medical Breakthroughs

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Second we have a report on stress reduction. The author argues that traditioal ‘Stress Reduction techniques’ don’t work because they only deal with the symptoms, not the underlying causes. He goes on to reveal 7 mistakes many of us make that increases our stress levels and how to avoid them. This is an interesting approach to reducing stress and should be of particular interest to sufferers of high blood pressure – considering that stress is often the primary cause of hypertension. Click the link below to download.

7 Mistakes that Lead to Stress

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Then there is the spectre of heart disease and heart attacks which people with high blood pressure have a greater risk of suffering. This is a nifty Power Point Presentation that could literally save your life if you feel a heart attack coming on and there’s no one around to help or get you to the hospital on time. It only takes a couple of minutes to go through and is well worth it. I learnt something new and you probably will too. Click the link to download.

Heart Attack Prevention

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high blood pressure causes - lower your blood pressure naturallyAnd then of course there’s my own e-book, Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide

This isn’t actually free, although it’s certainly a better price than most e-books on the market (our launch price is just $27 – about £17). But you can get a free sample to start you on your way.

The free sample includes an informative introduction and the full first chapter (Step 1) so there’s plenty to be going on with. Just click on the link above to get your free sample.

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That’s all for now but I put more links up as I come across them so bookmark this page and check back in now and then.



  • Chris Koval

    I received a junk email from Craig Anderson about how he lowered his BP and how I could spend $40 to do the same. After a little research I found your website. I’m glad I didn’t spend that $40. Your website seems to have everything I need to reduce my BP naturally. I’m going to continue reading everything here. Thanks!

  • Thelma Villas

    Hi Simon, you are too kind to share your experiences about High Blood Pressure and solutions! Many other writers sending me too many emails I can’t believed at the end they are hanging me up with the information’s in exchange with money!

    I thanked God I was linked to your FREE HBP ebook! Just wondering if you can share the audio by Christian Goodman to complete your generosity in helping others improve health through my email! Thanks so much!

  • David Vollmar

    Dear Simon,
    Came accross you doing some web surfing. You seem very honest and obviously have to charge for your efforts BUT you share from the start and that’s a fresh approach in this world. Kudos!

    Best Regards,

    David Vollmar
    Long Island, NY ( age 46 )

  • In reply to Thelma Villas’ question above:
    We cannot share Christian Goodman’s audio, since that is his own product and it would be unfair (and presumably illegal) for us to share it. However, we do tell you quite a bit about the Christian Goodman product in our review here, if that helps: https://highbloodpressurebegone.com/online-hbp-remedies-review/christian-goodman-review/

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