Hypertension Symptoms

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There are far too many individuals in The United States who suffer with hypertension and are totally unsuspecting regarding this matter. Hypertension is recognized the silent killer as there are no early warning signs for high blood pressure that other medical issues may indicate. After the high blood pressure has progressed there will be symptoms but sometimes these are signs of other conditions caused by high blood pressure in the first place. By obtaining frequent check-ups, high blood pressure can be named before it has progressed to the point of creating other conditions. The incorrect idea that headaches, giddiness, tinnitus, benign skin tumors and confusedness are symptoms of hypertension, is believed by numerous people. In fact, these symptoms can be from unidentified high blood pressure and are complications stemming from having it for an indeterminate amount of time.

Often the initial hint an individual is aware of, is when they have high blood pressure which is linked to an issue that has been stimulated by hypertension. Doctors say the basic symptom of hypertension is if your blood pressure is repeatedly 140/90 or higher, which is a signal that the heart is working more to compensate for the pressure within your arterial blood vessels so by determining your blood pressure on a continued basis you will know when it remains at 140/90 or greater. A headache is often believed to be linked to high blood pressure but this kind of head ache will likely be in the morning and usually they are in the back of the head, rather than the forehead.

As secondary high blood pressure is caused by other circumstances the indications will be current especially in disorders of the adrenal gland and kidney complaints. Some drugs which are taken for other disorders can cause hypertension so indications will be seen here also. A stroke can also be stimulated by hypertension, in which situation the characteristics will be very noticeable and should not be dismissed. A few of these indications take in abrupt numbness and helplessness in the face, arm or leg, which is specially true if it is only along one side of the body. If your visual sense grows fuzzy, or there is a loss of sight in one or both eyes, this is a signs of stroke caused by high blood pressure. More symptoms include giddiness, headache accompanied by nausea or vomiting, loss of balance and being abruptly disorganized as to your surrounds.

Particular weight reduction medications contain components that will induce the blood pressure to go to life-threatening levels which is why a lot have been removed from the market owing to this very reason. The signs induced by acquiring these medications were manifestations of a heart attack, which included chest pain, shortness of breath and the inability to function. The best method to know if your blood pressure is elevated is to check it on a regular basis, as this may be a life saver if you have early hypertension that has exhibited no manifestations.

Simon Foster

Simon Foster

I agree that the only way to know if you are suffering from high blood pressure is to have it monitored.

Symptoms such as headaches, giddiness, accompanied by nausea or vomiting can be any number of things including food poisoning or migraine (or any number of other things).

Perhaps more difficult is determining what counts as high blood pressure.

It used to be systolic 100 plus your age. That has been reduced to 120 for everyone – resulting in a massive increase in sales of medications to lower blood pressure.

Is the “one size fits all” a sound measurement? – or a simply a victory of the pharmaceutical industry?


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