I’m back!

I’ve been posting about high blood pressure and various remedies I’m trying everyday for a number of days now but only in my head! Why? Server problems. I couldn’t get the blog up again for days. I was under pressure!

All sorted now. I hope.

Which is good, because i have so much to tell you. About my progress and ups and downs.

Just suffice to say that I went to my blood pressure appointment (with a very pretty nurse) on Monday. I was hitting 195 / 100 something. Not good. Nurse figures my meds aren’t strong enough (2.5 mg Rampril 9ACE inhibitor)). says I should make another doctor appointment. Still thinking about it.

Visitors! I’l tell it all soon enough.

Post Script: 30 October 2006 – My blood pressure is now around the 120-130 / 80 – 90 range is a great improvement and keeps me in the healthy range. It was accomplished through natural means only – diet and exercise.


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  • White Coat Syndrom in combination with pretty nurse? 🙂
    Have read almost all posts by now, changed a few things on the diet, nearly no alcohol (last beer was a two weeks ago => reduction in calories and a little weightloss).
    Orderd ‘High blood pressure for Dummies’ from amazon and also will receive a BP monitor next week. What do you think returns better results: the traditional ones around the arm or the new ones around the wrist?

  • My girlfriend who works in a pharmacy and seems to know about these things says “don’t get a wrist monitor because they are not that accurate”. And who wants a false reading? So go for a cuff one is my advice.

    Let us know if High Blood Pressure for Dummies is worth its price. Does it include alternative remedies or does it stick to the pharmaceutical industries’ line?

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