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how to lower blood pressure the easy way

Simon Foster

It’s been over two years now since my battle with high blood pressure  and keeping blood pressure down began and I started this blog – both to help myself and others who are in the same boat.

Here are some reflections two years on:


The main cause of hypertension is modern life.

Life in the 21st century leads to high blood pressure by a number of means.

  • First of there is increasing stress levels that come with increasing levels of personal debt. There are far fewer home owners (people without a mortgage) than there ever was in the previous century. Debt, increased competition, less opportunity, struggling finances, etc., all equal greater stress levels which result in hypertension and poorer all-round health.
  • The increasing dominance of the car and other ‘labour-saving’ devices result in us moving our bodies less and less. We are starving for exercise. As our muscles, lungs, and heart get neglected our ability to keep our cardiovascular system in good health decreases. Result: weaker heart working harder to pump blood around constricted blood vessels.
  • The food industry is not helping us either. Processed foods containing large doses of hidden salt, sugar and fat clog our veins, reduce our overall health, and jack up our blood pressure.

So what’s the solution to the ailments caused by modern life, and to keeping blood pressure down? Buck the trend. Live within your means and try to eliminate those nagging credit card bills and the stress that come with them. Learn to relax. Try meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, whatever interests you. Leave the car keys at home and take a walk to the store the next time. Buy wholesome basic foods and rediscover the joys of home cooking.

Sure, these solutions may seem rather flippant and may not apply to everyone reading this but I’m sure you get the gist. Reducing high blood pressure and keeping blood pressure down is really a matter of making changes to your life style – taking back control of your life.


Keeping blood pressure down is a long-term commitment

If you make the necessary changes your blood pressure will come down over time – without the need of taking a daily dose of hypertension medications (and dealing with the many negative side effects that come with these pills).

But the catch is it’s not a ‘do-it-once’ solution. Keeping blood pressure down requires a change in lifestyle and that change has to be permanent. No going back to sitting on the couch all day eating junk food worrying about the next credit card bill.

The shift to a more healthy lifestyle must be a permanent one if you want to see your blood pressure levels come down to an acceptable range and stay there. The good news is that once you move to a healthier lifestyle not only will your blood pressure improve but so will your general outlook on life. You’ll feel in a better mood generally. Living is simple better and more enjoyable when you are healthier.

So what gives me the authority to make such sweeping statements? In one word – experience. Two years ago I was suffering dangerously high blood pressure with a reading of 190+ systolic and 120+ diastolic.

After a year of switching to a healthier lifestyle without the use of high blood pressure medication, my reading came down to a 135 / 90 level. A little highr than the ideal of 120/80 but within an acceptable range and well out of the danger range. This year my readings regularly go a little below the ideal such as the 115/75 region.

I never would have believed two years ago that I could be keeping my blood pressure down like this. And I didn’t try too hard – just switched to a healthier diet and dusted off my bicycle. I also take supplements every day – Vitamin C, and multi-vitamin, and calcium/magnesium. If you stick to it, blood pressure will drop and your health will increase.

That’s what has worked for me, my solution to keeping blood pressure down and I’m confident it will work for you too.


UPDATE 2015: If you think you need a bit extra help though, then look over the book I’ve recently produced: Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide.

As the title says, it’s a full and comprehensive guide to lowering your blood pressure by making changes in your diet, your activity levels and by reducing your stress levels – and doing so so in a way that’s actually enjoyable.

lower your blood pressure naturallyThere are lots of tasty ideas for good things to eat and drink, helpful hints on upping your activity levels in your day to day life, without ever having to go to a gym, and pleasant ways to lower your stress levels and re-learn how to really relax again.

As I said above, I’ve found that the key to lowering and keeping blood pressure down, is to be consistent, and to make changes slowly but surely.

As such, the guide is organized into 9 easy-to-follow steps, which you can progress though at your own pace. This way, you can focus on one thing at a time, all the while knowing that you’re gradually creating an overall healthier life for yourself – and your blood pressure.

Just click on the picture for more details – and to download a free sample. And enjoy!



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