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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - The Complete 9 Step Guide

This webpage is a companion to the Introduction of our book:
Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide

The introduction discusses the main causes of high blood pressure and looks at how you can start to deal with these and reduce your blood pressure using natural methods. The introduction is also a reminder of the importance of understanding your own body, and taking control of your path to better health!
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Learn about high blood pressure and how to lower it naturally

Learn About High Blood Pressure

Understanding high blood pressure is a good start. These websites give a good overview of high blood pressure, its risk factors and causes:

Hypertension – Health Library (ACLS) – very comprehensive article on high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure – US National Institutes for Health


Health News and Information

These websites are reliable sources of news and research relating to health, diet, conventional and alternative medications and remedies:

Natural News – Reference Base

Diet vs Disease – well-researched articles on nutrition and health

Positive Health Wellness – comprehensive articles on health, diet, fitness, etc


Natural, Alternative and Complementary Remedies and Supplements and Nutrition

These websites focus specifically on alternative remedies and nutritional medicine:

The Food Medic – bridging the gap between medicine and nutrition

Dr Sarah Brewer –  Nutrional Medicine – foods, herbs and supplements


Healthy Eating for Lower Blood Pressure

Various national and governmental bodies have helpful websites with tips on healthy eating. These are mostly for general health, so some of their guidelines may differ slightly from recommendations in this guide, which is geared towards eating for lower blood pressure specifically.

The UK National Health Service has useful tips on healthy eating:

UK NHS Eat Well Tips

The US Department of Agriculture has a website on healthy eating guidance:

USDA Choose My Plate

Harvard Medical School has resources on nutrition, which are well-researched and which sometimes differ from the US governmental dietary advice.

Harvard Medical School – Nutrition Source


Cooking and Recipes

The Internet can be a confusing source of health information but an amazing source of recipes. If you want to figure out a make a healthier version of one of your favourite not-so-healthy foods, just search online: “healthy xxx recipe” etc.

Eating Well – High Blood Pressure Diet

8 Healthy Recipes for Blood Pressure


Buying healthy foods

Groceries and supermarkets are getting better at stocking healthier foods, although local health food stores often have a better range. Buying online can be useful for specific products and supplements that might be harder to get.

(You’ll find links for specific products on the resource page for the Step in which they’re mentioned.)

Healthy Heart Market


Specific Nutrient Information

For more detailed information on specific nutrients:

Harvard Medical School – Nutrition A-Z

US National Institutes for Health – Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets

Healthaliciousness – Nutrient Ranking Tool

The US Food and Drug Administration provides downloadable posters (also available just as text) outlining the nutrient content of the most common vegetables, fruits and fish:

FDA Nutrition Information for Fruits, Vegetables and Fish


Medical Information – Diseases and Treatments

Professional medical websites giving comprehensive news and information on diseases and treatments:

The Mayo Clinic – Health Information

WebMD – Health News and Info

Medhelp Health Community

Harvard Medical School – Health and Medical Information

And – last but certainly not least – the alternative medical view from a doctor who’s not afraid to stand up to the medical establishment (or who’s a dodgy maverick, depending on your viewpoint…)

Dr Mercola – Natural Health Information


Send us your ideas and suggestions

If there are other websites, resources or products you’ve found useful and you think would be useful to others, please email them to us and we’ll include them: simon [at] highbloodpressurebegone.com


learn about high blood pressure - read our guideNOTE: This page is designed to be a companion page to the Introduction of our guide, ‘Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally’. As such, it only contains supplementary resources rather than being a full discussion of the ins and outs of high blood pressure.
To learn about high blood pressure and how to lower it naturally, you can further browse this website or, of course, buy the guide..!
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