Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally: Step 2

natural ways to lower blood pressure

This page is a companion to Step 2 of our book – Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide – out now for just $27 (£17)


Starting The Day Right

Supplements in general

As discussed in the Appendix (pages 10-12), the issue of supplements – whether to take them and how much – can be a tricky one! Here’s some resources which might be useful.

Dr Sarah Brewer – a UK doctor and nutritionist – articles on supplements and healthy eating (a website recommended by one of our readers)

Ou post  – Supplements that help reduce high blood pressure (an overview of the issues and general debate)

Hawthorn supplements

Advocates of hawthorn recommend supplements of 100-250mg, taken three times a day. Some also recommend that hawthorn supplements contain at least 10% procyanidins – a key group of antioxidants.

Hawthorn tablets:

Nature’s Way make ‘Heart Care’ tablets with 80mg hawthorn extract from the leaf and flower and lots of procyanidis, so these could good to start with.

Nature’s Way Hawthorn extract tablets (Amazon.com)

Nature’s Way Hawthorn extract tablets (Amazon.co.uk)


Make your own hawthorn tincture:

Watch our video about making your own hawthorn tincture:



Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

For more detailed information on supplements, the University of Maryland has an excellent website giving comprehensive information about a range of supplements and herbal treatments:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide


Buying Supplements

The Appendix for Step 2 gives detailed information for each key nutrient about the best form of this supplement to buy. However, it can still be tricky knowing which brand of supplements to buy as there are now so many out there!


If you want to buy in person, then the best plan is to go to your local health food shop. The staff there will be able to help and inform you, plus health food shops in general stock better quality supplements than those you can buy in the supermarket or large retail stores.

Natural News website has some informative (and opinionated) articles about buying supplements written by their ‘Health Ranger’:

Where to Buy Supplements – Natural News

You can often get good deals buying supplements online, as the companies are selling directly to you, rather than having the overheads of running a store.

Their ‘Health Ranger’ also advocates using what are called ‘whole food’ supplements as much as possible. These are concentrated forms of natural substances, containing a range of nutrients which work together, and may be more effectively used by the body than isolated vitamins and minerals supplements.

Whole food nutritional supplements – Natural News


If there are other websites, resources or products you’ve found useful and you think would be useful to others, please email them to us and we’ll include them:


NOTE: We’ve supplied Amazon links to those products that may be a little trickier to find, as Amazon is popular and convenient to use. However, Amazon aren’t known to be the most ethical company (we do not endorse them ourselves) so we recommend buying your healthy products in your local shops if you can!


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