Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally: Step 3

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - The Complete 9 Step Guide

This webpage is a companion to Step 3 of our book:
Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide

Step 3 discusses the role of salt in high blood pressure and how to lower your blood pressure without actually giving up salt. Step 3 also looks at the effect of sunshine on blood pressure and how to ensure you’re getting its benefits. Get some sunshine in your life – and failing that, some vitamin D!
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Back to Basics: Salt, sunshine and vitamin D


As discussed in Step 3, whether and how much salt contributes to high blood pressure is a more contentious issue than you might realise.

Some studies show that higher salt intakes are associated with higher blood pressure, while other studies don’t find these effects, or argue that they can be attributed to other concomitant factors (e.g., high sugar intake). There’s also the fact that the salt we use now (table salt and the salt added to processed foods) is far more highly refined and chemically processed than salt used in the past, and that may be part of the problem.

So is it the amount of salt, the type of salt, or other dietary factors that underlie the possible relationship between salt and high blood pressure? Here’s some interesting articles on the issue.

Overview of clinical studies into salt and health:
It’s time to end the war on salt (Scientific American)
Debunking the salt myth (Mercola.com)
What America can learn from the UK’s massive sodium experiment (The Washington Post)

On health effects of different kinds of salt:
Is salt really the villain it’s been made out to be? (Mercola.com)

And our own articles (on this website):

Hidden salt and high blood pressure
Salt and high blood pressure – dispelling the myth
Good salt, bad salt

Sea Salt

All salt is not equal, as Step 3 explains. Your best bet to find nutritious natural (unbleached!) sea salt is to look in your local health food shop. However, you can also buy good natural sea salt from Brittany, France online:

French Coarse Sea Salt – Sel de Guerande (Amazon.com)
French Coarse Sea Salt – Sel de Guerande (Amazon.co.uk)


Vitamin D and blood pressure regulation

As Step 3 outlines, taking a daily vitamin D supplement is a really good idea for many of us, especially if we live in northern Europe. This is not just to achieve healthy blood pressure but for many other health reasons too. Certainly in the UK, there’s more and more research showing that we’re generally deficient in vitamin D. The Scottish government now recommends everyone in Scotland take vitamin D supplements:
All Scots advised to take vitamin D

For those of you who’ve come across this webpage but haven’t yet got the guide, there’s a bit more about vitamin D on our post here:
Vitamin D and high blood pressure – and sunshine!

For more details on how much much sun exposure is needed to make vitamin D in your skin:
How do I get the vitamin D my body needs? (Vitamin D Council) [website currently down]

You can buy a good quality vitamin D supplement here:
Vitamin D3 (CLE Holistic Health)



This is an excellent article which covers the whole debate (historically and now) about the role of sunlight in human health, including information on sunlight and blood pressure:
Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

We also have an article about the effects of sunshine on high blood pressure (and vitamin D) here:
Can sunlight cure high blood pressure?


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vitamin D and blood pressure regulation - read our guideNOTE: This page is designed to be a companion page to Step 3 of our guide, ‘Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally’. As such, it only contains supplementary resources rather than being a full discussion of salt and vitamin D and blood pressure.
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ANOTHER NOTE: We’ve supplied Amazon links to those products that may be a little trickier to find, as Amazon is popular and convenient to use. However, Amazon aren’t known to be the most ethical company (we do not endorse them ourselves) so we recommend buying your healthy products in your local shops if you can!



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