Natural Treatment for Hypertension – Pros and Cons

how to lower blood pressure the easy way

Simon Foster (me)

I advocate natural treatment for hypertension. Why’s that? Well, from my own experience, it’s not only more pleasant but is more effective. It’s also just really satisfying to have taken control of your health. (I am someone for whom self-reliance and independence is very important!). I’ve also enjoyed observing myself becoming healthier and stronger in general.


Natural treatment for hypertension – pros

natural treatment for hypertensionTreating hypertension with alternative methods has clear benefits over medication. While hypertension medications do lower your blood pressure, they don’t actually treat the causes of your hypertension. And you’ll quite often experience unpleasant side effects (I certainly did!).

Sure, lowering your blood pressure naturally is not a quick fix for hypertension. But if you start now you will begin to see the results within a matter of weeks. As the months roll by your blood pressure will steadily come down until its within a range you can comfortably live with.


Natural treatment for hypertension – cons

But here’s the rub:

After you embark on the road of natural treatment for hypertension there’s no going back to the lifestyle that gave you high blood pressure in the first place. Slip back to a poor diet, no exercise, and stressful living and your blood pressure will probably rise too.

This is especially true if you have hypertension “in the family”, like I do. Having a genetic propensity to high blood pressure means you have to stick to a healthy lifestyle to keep hypertension at bay.

The simple fact is that those of us who are inclined towards developing hypertension can’t be so relaxed about our lifestyle. We have to work at getting our blood pressure down and keeping it down.

But maintaining a healthy low blood pressure lifestyle isn’t such a bad deal. It’s not a joyless life of self-denial. Far from it. It just requires some moderation and common sense.


Changing your diet – more enjoyable than you’d think

With regarding dietary changes, at first it may seem a little difficult to change old habits but after a short while you’ll find your taste and desire in food falling in line.

When you know that what you’re eating is actively restoring your health you will find it tastes great too. There must be a psychological component to our sense of taste.


Being more active – an upward spiral

The more active you are, the stronger your heart is, and the healthier your circulatory system is. And, ultimately, your blood pressure comes down. Any energetic physical activity (doesn’t have to be “Exercise”) also makes you feel good. (Literally – your body will produce more ‘feel-good’ hormones.) And, while you might be tired afterwards, regular activity increases your general energy levels.


Relax – a downward spiral

Stress is a contributor to hypertension for many people. Spending a little time each day specifically relaxing can go a long way to reducing hypertension. Slow breathing exercises are a good way to start, for example. (They’re also the quickest way to reduce hypertension without medication.)


Natural treatment for hypertension – get started!

Natural treatment for hypertension can a have a positive affect on your whole life. With a good diet and ample exercise you will begin to feel new energy and optimism. Your whole life will be positively affected – your relationships, your work, your pastimes, your love life.

If you need to learn about what alternate treatments for hypertension may be best for you, you can browse this website. You can also have a look at my book:

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – The Complete 9 Step Guide

natural treatment for hypertensionAs the title suggests, it’s a comprehensive guide to natural treatment for hypertension. It covers all the main natural methods of lowering blood pressure – dietary changes, exercise and activity, and stress reduction.

To keep it simple, the guide is laid out in nine easy-to-follow steps. So you can just go through it at your own pace. This approach is based on the principle that positive incremental change is always best in health matters.

I should mention that using natural treatments for hypertension is not an arduous path of self-denial! You can still eat tasty food and enjoy a tipple. And you don’t have to get into lycra and go to the gym or yoga studio. Most of the changes you’ll make are easy and enjoyable.

So get started.



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