• Louise

    Simon, Thank you for sharing information about high blood pressure. Do you have any experience with herbal remedies to reduce blood pressure? I have read about hawthorne berries and others.


  • I use a Hawthorne tincture which is an old time tested remedy to help achieve a healthy heart and lower blood pressure. You can buy it at most health food stores of make your own. If you want to make your own check out my instructions here – /lower-blood-pressure-with-hawthrorn/

  • Bernard Brown

    What are the three exercises that Christian Goodman claim? without sending $49.00?

  • The exercises are mainly focussed on progressive relaxation techniques as part as a stress reduction regime. As for stress reduction, I find slow breathing exercises both more enjoyable and more effective. See: https://breathe-slow.com/sound-samples/

    Mind you, the Christian Goodman exercises are only potentially beneficial if the cause of your high blood pressure is mainly due to stress. For a more comprehensive approach to natural high blood pressure reduction you will need Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally guide, or something similar. Hope that helps.

  • Bernard

    Do you Have anything on the book: “The blood pressure solution?” Where it instructs on How to lower your blood pressure Naturally. With out having to download anything?

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