Off the hypertension drugs

My girlfriend is suffering from blood pressure that is too low – 90 over 70 or thereabouts. We joked that if we combined our blood pressures and shared them between us we’d be about right.

But when it comes right down to it, blood pressure being too high or too low is no joking matter.

So I got a monitor the other day to keep track of where I am at home. One thing I’ve noticed is that my blood pressure reading is not steady. It can be anywhere between 190 over 130 to 130 over 95 inj the same day.

Why such change?

I have learned that I can lower my blood pressure with relaxation and breathing exercises. But the question is – will such exercises tend to lower my blood pressure permanently or just temporarily.

The people who promote these exercises claim the change will be permanent. They may be right but I don’t think it happens over night.

I have noticed a decrease in my overall blood pressure in the past few weeks since I started these exercises and changed my diet.

My blood pressure is going the right way – down – so I just hang tight for now and keep monitoring.

By the way I ran out of Rampril (ACE inhibitor) a few days ago and for some reason my doctor didn’t renew the prescription (perhaps because it wasn’t working anyway. I’m booked for blood pressure test and blood samples taken for testing (third time in two months!) next week so we’ll see what they say then.


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