BreathEasy Blood Pressure Exercises

BreathEasy slow breathing to lower blood pressure. Does it really work?

Breatheasy blood pressure exercises are a both a new and ancient method of balancing your bodily rhythms and lowering your blood pressure (new in the West – old news to the East).

This program by David O’Hara is based on synchronizing (and slowing) your breathing to specialized audio files that run for 15 minutes.

It sounds rather strange and I was very sceptical at first.

Each track lasts for 15 minutes. Sometimes I ‘breath along’ to two or three in tandem but usually just one before going to bed. I can honestly say that it works. If I take my blood pressure before and after slow breathing in sync to a BreathEasy track, I usually record around a 10 point systolic drop and 5 point diastolic drop. In addition to that my heart rate dropped from the usual  75 – 80 beats per minute to 65 – 70.

To me, that’s pretty impressive. (I like immediate, measurable results.)

Checkout Breatheasy‘s short video and link to the site where you can try out some samples:

The program claims to have a cumulative effect if you practice it daily over a few weeks. That seems reasonable considering our brain plays a huge role in regulating our blood pressure. The BreathEasy program assists in a gentle ‘reprogramming’ of our nervous system. It’s also works as a great stress buster.

If you have only moderately raised blood pressure (130 -140 systolic) following this program is possibly all you will need.

I would not recommend this program as the one and only approach to bringing extremely high blood pressure (160+) levels back to a safe range. When your blood pressure is going into orbit it’s time to consider a range of approaches that includes dietary changes and physical exercise that works your heart and lungs.

But if you need to start lowering your blood pressure  quick, as in today, just 15 to 30 minutes of slow breathing exercises will drop your blood 10 or more points. It’s the closest you’re going to get for a ‘quick fix’ to blood pressure.


BreathEasy Blood Pressure Exercises – Conclusion

The bottom line is that it works and is a pleasure to use. My blood pressure drops just after one 15  minute exercise. Combined with Kevin Riley’s Get Natural!lowering blood pressure guide (that comes with the BreathEasy program), you’ve got all you need to achieve a healthy blood pressure.

Rating:  9/10


UPDATE: BreathEasy no longer available but new Breathe-Slow program launched instead

lower blood pressure naturally with slow breathingBoth David O’Hara’s BreathEasy and Kevin Riley’s Get Natural! have been discontinued and are no longer available. So I have created my own slow breathing audio tracks as well as a more comprehensive guide on how to lower your blood pressure naturally.

You can listen to a sample of the slow breathing tracks here:

Breathe-Slow audio samples

And you can get full details about it all here: Breathe-Slow

At the moment, I’m doing a special offer where you can buy all 20 Breathe-Slow audio tracks, with my guide – Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – included as a free bonus. You can get more information about this offer when you click the ‘download now’ button at the bottom of the pages on the Breathe-Slow website.

Practicing slow breathing has numerous health benefits – it does more than just lower blood pressure. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and even menopausal hot flashes.

So breathe more slowly, lower your blood pressure, and enjoy your life 🙂



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