Christian Goodman 3 Exercises Review

Christian Goodman lower blood pressure program review

3 exercises to lower blood pressure without having to get out of your chair - free reportIf you suffer from high blood pressure and have been looking around the Internet for alternative cures there’s a very good chance you have come across Christian Goodman’s  3 exercises to lower blood pressure without the use of pharmaceuticals.

I first downloaded and tried out Christian Goodman 3 exercises back in 2009. This review is based on my personal experience.

In his video presentation (lasting almost 50 minutes) Christian Goodman pulls out a number of tricks to flip your psychological triggers – ranging from fear of the effects of hypertension, anger at the pharmaceutical industry and government regulators, along with a sense of hope that these amazing 3 exercises will cure your blood pressure worries – virtually overnight!

Although these exercises may assist some people in lowering their blood pressure over time, the claims made by Christian Goodman are exaggerated in my opinion.

Even after listening to listening to his hypnotic 50 minute video lecture on high blood pressure and his ‘almost miracle cure‘, we still don’t get any actual details about the exercises.

The fact that he doesn’t disclose any details about the 3 exercises may generate curiosity and sales –  but I think it’s only fair that people have a clearer idea of what these exercises consist of before buying – so I describe them in some detail below.

The program is delivered in both audio and transcript formats – complimenting each other – although just performing the exercises while listening to the audio is easiest.

For other exercises (not Christian Goodman’s) which you can do to lower your blood pressure, click here to get our own free report: Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure (without having to get out of your chair)


The 3 exercises to lower blood pressure by Christian Goodman

Walking in Rhythm exercise

The first exercise is based on a kind of rhythmic walking for 10 minutes that can be performed indoors on the spot or during a stroll outside. It involves synchronized arm swinging  and repeating to yourself ” right left right left etc.”.

That’s it! Easy but … effective?

Actually even mild physical activity like walking or moving on the spot is beneficial to your health and blood pressure over time – but don’t expect a miracle cure from it!

Emotional Release exercise

The next exercise is an ‘emotional release exercise’ that involves regulated breathing and experiencing emotional states (and release). It is based on the principle this exercise will release tension … and tension is the main cause of your hypertension – right? If not you’re out of luck with this exercise.

The guided emotional release exercise  lasts about 20 minutes. It is a mix between, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation.

Expect to feel very relaxed, or possible drift off to sleep while practising this exercise.

Traditional Relaxation exercise

Christian tells us that this deep relaxation exercise is best performed just before sleep. It about 20 minutes long and focuses on breathing and muscle relaxation.

Studies have shown that blood pressure tends to decrease when the mind and body is relaxed so they should result in beneficial effects so doing this exercise can only be a good thing. But whether this exercise has any overall long term benefit on your blood pressure is unknown.

As with the emotional release exercise, if too much stress and tension isn’t the main cause of your high blood pressure it will not be a sufficient cure.

(A free version of this exercise is available for download from the Welsh National Health Service. To access, click

– – –

All 3 exercises are relatively easy to do and don’t take up too much time. Anyone who practices one or more of these exercises daily will probably experience a reduction in overall tension.

Whether that reduction in tension results in a significant and permanent reduction in your blood pressure will depend on you. If the prime cause of your high blood pressure is too much stress and tension in your life Christian Goodman’s 3 exercises could be beneficial.

However I would not consider it a sufficient cure for blood pressure. Most people who high blood pressure for a variety of reasons – including family history, diet and insufficient exercise.

But fair play to Christian Goodman, the program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If the 3 exercises do not result in lowering your blood pressure in a few weeks you can get complete refund on your investment.

For those of you who which to check it out, Christian Goodman now sells his product with a 50 minute video presentation. The button to purchase the 3 exercises doesn’t present itself for the first 7 or 8 minutes so you’ll have to wait at least that long before you can order.

The whole program costs $49

Click on the link below to go to the Christian Goodman 3 exercises video presentation / order page:

– – –

Breathing exercises to lower blood pressure (for less cost)

If stress and tension are a contributory factor in your hypertension, a more effective way to reduce blood pressure with long-term benefits is through the practice of slow breathing.

Just 15 minutes a day of relaxed slow breathing exercises have shown to be effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Slow breathing is actually the quickest way to lower blood pressure without medication. Slowing your breath down can literally lower your blood pressure in minutes. Which is particularly handy in a stressful situation, when we tend to breathe faster and our blood pressure tends to shoot up!

However, if you get into a daily habit of practicing slow breathing for a short period every day, then it may lower your blood pressure more generally as well.

You don’t need to buy anything to practice this technique in natural blood pressure reduction. However, many people benefit from following along to audio tracks with both soothing ambient background music and breathing prompts. This makes it easier to keep your breathing slow and steady for a sustained period.

If this is something you’d like to check out you can listen to some samples here:

Guided slow breathing audio samples

A full set of guided slow breathing tracks is also available to buy. You’ll get all the information by clicking on the link above.

Of course there are other factors beyond stress and tension (like fitness and diet) that affect blood pressure. So the best way to lower your blood pressure without drugs is to apply a broader approach – covering all causes and cures with natural home-based remedies.

lower your blood pressure naturallyTo help, I’ve produced a comprehensive guide to lowering blood pressure naturally:

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally  – The Complete 9 Step Guide

This guide contains simple and proven strategies to lowering your blood pressure and keeping it low through easy, effective and enjoyable changes in lifestyle.

The guide is laid out in nine easy-to-follow steps which you can go through at your own pace. Each step will take you further along the road of greater vigour and peace of mind (and a healthy blood pressure).

Special Offer: Free slow breathing audio tracks with ‘Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally’ guide

At the moment, I’m giving a full set of guided slow breathing audio tracks as a free bonus when you buy the guide. (There are 20 tracks in total, for different breathing rates and with different kinds of background music, or just the breathing prompts.) The whole lot is instantly downloadable so you can get started on lowering your blood pressure today.

Just click on the picture of the book for more information.

And whatever method you use, good luck lowering your blood pressure 🙂




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  • Julie Conkle

    Personally, I am ticked off at ALL of these miracle cure scams that lure you into a website, then you get caught listening to someone drone on, and on, and on, and on, ad nauseum, only to find near the end of the never ending spiel, that you have to of course, purchase something. If it is so easy, so miraculous, why not share it with the world, shout it from the rooftops? Bull, plain and simple bull. I am a poor person, who really hoped this time I would get a simple answer. Thanks a heap.

  • Mobrien

    I have already paid for the three exercises could you please send them again I must have lost them thanks

  • Hi Mobrien, I assume you mean Christian Goodman’s three stress-reduction exercises reviewed above. I don’t sell these exercises myself, I just provide a link to Christian Goodman’s website where you can buy them. You would have to contact Christian Goodman himself. He runs the website blue heron health news and you can contact him via this page: Hope that helps.

  • Dalbir Sethi

    Your review is a good one; the readers can read between the lines to benefit from your review.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Diedra Lussow

    Mr. Goodman,
    About 1/2 year ago, I purchased and download your three exercises for lowering blood pressure, since then I had to have my operating system reinstalled and I lost them. Would it be possible to check your records to see that I am telling you the truth and send them to me again.
    Thank you very much,
    Diedra Lussow

  • Hi Diedra,

    I don’t sell these exercises myself -I just review them and provide a link to Christian Goodman’s website where you can buy them. You would have to contact Christian Goodman himself. He runs the website blue heron health news and you can contact him via this page:

    All the best!

  • Glenda

    I agree with Julie Conkle. If I was a millionaire or poor as dirt, I would pass on any good advice that might help somebody else. To many poor people in this world that need help and can’t afford it. Me being one of them. It’s all about money now days. I do believe God is looking at all this. Oh well, pray for them all.

  • Hi Glenda, when you view this (our) webpage, a little window should pop up that asks you if you want to get a free report on “3 exercises to lower blood pressure”. All you have to do is put in your email then we’ll send you the instructions on how to get the report. The report contains three exercises to lower blood pressure, such as slow breathing – and it’s free! Hope this helps!

  • Julia Cardoso

    I purchased the audio version and the cd as well.. I can not find the link to play the audio on my phone. Please send me the link.

    Transaction id number… 4VG90460L2738452H

  • Hi Julia,
    We do not sell Christian Goodman’s 3 Exercises product ourselves. This page just links to his page where you buy it. So you’ll have to contact his company directly to get that audio link. This is the contact page for his company website:

  • Annaliesa Moberg

    My blood pressure has gone up and down for years. The doctors just want me to take medication and that’s it. I went to the emergency room with my blood pressure at 185/90 . They said they couldn’t help me. Crazy right! I just came across this information and I’d like to try it. I can’t afford a lot , but tired of feeling like this. Another thing mentioned was about the kidneys suffering because of high blood pressure ! My kidneys are hurting and my body feels like it’s going crazy. Doctors can’t find anything , they say we don’t know how to help!! I now know it must be my blood pressure.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Have you signed up to get our free report on FREE exercises to lower your blood pressure?

    When you look at this webpage (click ‘refresh’ if necessary), a window should pop up which allows you to enter your email address, and then you’ll get sent a link to download our free report on three things you can do to lower your blood pressure, which you can do at home, and which don’t cost anything.

    Hope this helps!

  • Duane

    Terribly boring and long video to find out nothing was really said that the original link promised. Saw reviews other places and to put it nicely it is a bunch of hooey!

  • Eve

    , I sat through the whole presentation and in the end of course they stick yowith buying. My blood pressure 265/140, and I was in emergency to say the least. Even though I could not afford it, I asked my friend to buy it and I’ll pay them back as I don’t have credit cards. I got it and being my second day I just hope it brings my pressure down as to me $49/-
    US dollars is a lot .
    I want to ask as question, do we have to do all the exercise at one time or could we break it up? How many times a day must we do it?

  • Hi Eve,
    We don’t sell these exercises ourselves – we just provide a review of them. So we can’t give you any advice about the exercises. If you want to contact Christian Goodman’s company directly, this is the contact page:
    Good luck with lowering your blood pressure 🙂

  • Emily Scott

    I just ordered The 3 Step 2 Diabetes Strategy , using a cr. card. Then, I found they offered to me by computer, email only. I only want it in paper, printed. I have got the arthritis and dizziness program in print before. I did order a $24 offer. Can you still help me? I would pay the $49 offer if you can cancel the $24 offer and send it to me in printed paper version. SORRY for this small mess. EMS

  • Hi Emily,

    We are not the sellers of this product (we reviewed the 3 Exercises blood pressure program but have nothing to do with the company ourselves). It is sold by Christian Goodman / Blue Heron Health, so you’ll need to contact them directly to sort this out. You can contact them here:

  • Cynthia Banks

    I just recently received your CD for the natural blood pressure exercise program and it’s not working for me. I need to know how I can return your CD and get a refund.

  • Hi Cynthia,

    We are not the sellers of this product – we simply reviewed the 3 Exercises blood pressure program but have nothing to do with the company ourselves. It is sold by Christian Goodman / Blue Heron Health, so you’ll need to contact them directly to sort this out. You can contact them here:

  • Vesna Iskra

    Thank you for your excellent review of Christian Goodman’s three exercises- it is a fair and well balanced review and I thank you for saving me AUD89.
    I would be willing to spend this much if I thought that I would receive something that is likely to work. I like to know why and how it works rather than simply relying on a person’s say-so. I am glad to know that it is a video – I don’t like video/audio, I am a reader. Also, the prospect of listening to Christian Goodman’s voice for an extended period of time does not appeal to me. His droning on in his promotional email about the three exercises is the main reason why I have never reached the ‘order now’ page on his site.
    Thak you again, and stay well.

  • Joginder Singh

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased your blood pressure lowering exercises in 2015. However after formatting my phone lost those audios. Can you share them again with me. I have already paid for the same.



  • Hello,
    Do you mean that you purchased Christian Goodman’s exercises? If so, you need to contact his company directly. We do not sell these exercises ourselves, we only provide a review of them. You can contact the company here:

  • Lauren

    Who is Christian Goodman? What are his credentials to write all these health cures? When I researched him nothing comes up, it’s like this person doesn’t really exist. Do you know who he is?

  • We don’t know any more about him than what is available on his website…

  • Andrew

    God do people even know what they are doing on the internet, or is the education systems across states so out of wack that so many ppl lack basic reading comprehension.
    It is clear to any person paying attention that partially what you’re doing is giving a review of the “christian” program and even summarizing the 3 exercises that program presents but only after you jump through hoops and pay 50$, I appreciate it.
    You shouldn’t even respond, if they care enough they will see you’re previous responses or actually read the page they are commenting on and figure out where on the interwebs they are. Seems like they could be christian Goodman trolls calling ppls attention to his product instead of the critical review of his product.

  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. All comments are welcome on this website unless they are spam or otherwise totally irrelevant to the topic.

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