3 exercises to lower your blood pressure


  • Louis DeNitto

    I paid for your high blood pressure system about three weeks ago and it doesn’t work for me. You stated that if it don’t work you would pay me back what I paid.
    Thank you

  • Dear Louis, The Christian Goodman blood pressure lowering system is based on mental exercises designed to lower chronic stress levels. It’s a fact that too much stress can cause hypertension. Lowering stress in your life can have a positive effect on your blood pressure.

    However, there are other causes of hypertension including diet, lack of physical exercise and genetics. People who have developed high blood pressure due to these other causes will not be able to get it back to safe levels by stress reduction alone. If this applies to you you should try a blood pressure remedy that address all the causes, not just stress. See: Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

    Regarding refunds, you are certainly entitled to one. Although we review Christian Goodman’s blood pressure lowering programme and provide links to purchase it, we are in not involved in direct selling or refunds. The programme is sold through Clickbank – worldwide distributor of digital products and can get a refund from them. To do that, follow the instructions on this page:

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