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  • Sonya Pelletier

    Why is this so Expensive…..

    I have dealt with High Blood Pressure for 14 years.

    There is No way I could afford a unit such as this. Which is pretty sad. I will just have to continue to suffer.

    Mrs. Sonya Pelletier

  • Hi Sonya,

    Yes, it is not cheap, although you can get $50 off the list price if you use the discount code SIMON on the Zona Plus checkout page. Get more info on the Zona Plus Review page here : https://highbloodpressurebegone.com/zona-plus-review/

    However, there are other ways you can lower your blood pressure that don’t cost anything. I don’t know what your mobility is like, but even just going for a walk every day, or short walks several times a day can help.

    Also, you could practice slow breathing. This is actually the quickest way to lower your blood pressure on the spot, and if you do it regularly it can have long-term benefits too. Find out more about it on our sister website here: https://breathe-slow.com/slow-breathing-lower-blood-pressure/

    I hope this helps!

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