Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

Without a doubt, one of the primary benefits to consider when you use CBD to lower blood pressure is that it not only targets your hypertension, it also works to lower anxiety, relieve insomnia, and heal any pain you might have in your body.

Can Sunlight Cure High Blood Pressure?

Sunlight enables us to produce vitamin D, which helps restore our body’s natural balance, including regulating our blood pressure. Not all kinds of sunlight are equal though. So how do you get enough sunlight of the right kind to make enough vitamin D to have healthy blood pressure? Or should you just take vitamin D supplements?

Natural Treatment for Hypertension – Pros and Cons

I advocate natural treatment for hypertension. Why’s that? Well, from my own experience, it’s not only more pleasant but is more effective. It’s also just really satisfying to have taken control of your health. (I am someone for whom self-reliance and independence is very important!). I’ve also enjoyed observing myself becoming healthier and stronger in general.   Natural treatment for

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